A Year

It has been a year without one word from you. I’ve been doing ok. Surprisingly life continues along regardless of the pain a person feels. The finality may have been good for me to do what I can to place my pain and hope back into that box and try close the door. There isn’t much of an opening left anymore. I wonder at times if I will finally harden off and shut the door on you completely. I know that would be best for me and my raised family. I’m starting to get good at shutting my memories and feelings off. I guess practice makes perfect, as the saying goes.

I wanted to send you words of comfort for today. I know it will be a difficult day for you. It is for me too as it marks the loss of both of you for me. I have many differing opinions on what I should do. I will decide later. For now I will write to you here.

I remember and I think of you and him.


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