I saw a dairy cow this summer. They must have let her out of the barn for some reason. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anything so happy. This cow was running and leaping and frolicking with the baby calves. I don’t think that she’s ever been allowed to see a calf before. The cruelty of people sometimes amazes me. But I guess if they do it animals they can do it to people. Both sweeping newborn infants from their human mothers as well as from cows all seem to be to fill the pockets of greedy.
I still think about the site but I saw that day. It still fills me with grief. Seeing the happiness of a mere animal being allowed to be with their offspring mirrored so much in adoption to me.

If you know nothing of how the dairy industry works, the cruelty may be lost on you. The babies are taken from the mother at birth. The mother must then stay confined in a barn to be milked. Most farmers kill the babies these days. The bellowing of the babies to the moms and vice versa is horrifying.