Baby Boxes: Are We Sure They’re a Good Idea?

pearl to be found

Let’s talk about infant abandonment,

My newsfeed is full of this story today. A Korean pastor who pioneered the “baby box” in his home town. The baby box is essentially a safe place for mothers to abandon their children. It is attached to this pastor’s orphanage and an alarm notifies him when an infant is placed in it so he can rescue them.

The argument is that baby boxes prevent children from being abandoned in unsafe places (like streets, fields, public bathrooms, etc..) where they might wait hours or days before being discovered and may not survive.

If only it were really that simple. Infant abandonment, however, is not as simple as mom doesn’t want baby, mom abandons baby, baby is rescued or dies.

Mom doesn’t want baby

Many people assume that if an infant is abandoned they are therefore unwanted. The problem with this assumption is that many times…

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