Room at the Nest

Today I left my oldest raised daughter in another city as she will start her new job tomorrow morning. I am anxious and depressed. I wonder if “empty nest syndrome” or in my case, half empty nest syndrome is felt more deeply and intensely for those of us who’ve lost a child to adoption. I sobbed as we left home but tried to put my big girl panties on to get through the day. The heaviness is almost overwhelming and I’m desperately trying to shake this off. I have been pretty close to a helicopter mom since a few months after her birth when I realized no one was going to take her from me. I have been the same with my youngest too. I’ve been considered aggressively protective but now I’ve been forced to leave my first raised child to fend for herself. I’m so scared someone will hurt her or worse. Not sure if I’ll sleep tonight. 


6 thoughts on “Room at the Nest

  1. I too was overprotective of my two daughters their entire lives. I had given up a son 13 years before. Them leaving home is the most difficult thing to get through but for me they didn’t go away. We always communicate, I know where they are. I realized that I had to let go for them at some point and I did. That doesn’t mean I don’t worry. It’s been almost 10 years since my oldest daughter left for college, at least now I sleep at night.

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