Post Traumatic Stress Disorder verses Adopted Child Syndrome

Excellent post by this blogger:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder verses Adopted Child Syndrome.


3 thoughts on “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder verses Adopted Child Syndrome

  1. While this post clearly defines the adopted child’s (and often the adopted adult’s) feelings and inner workings, it would be good to expose the crazy-making behavior of adopted family (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins) that contradicts the logical brain of the adoptee. We see, hear, and feel and interpret the world around us, just as non-adopted people do, yet our observations are negated. We are often told to “not live in the past”, or “what’s dead and gone must remain that way”, or “you don’t need to find your biolgical parents, you have us”, or “we can talk about how Daddy looks like his brothers, but you don’t know whre you came from so it is not important”. And the list goes on. Fantazing that this child is MINE, mocking, laughing at, dismissing, putting down, talking over, arguing with, screaming at, fighting with, constantly contraddicting logical observations, constantly negating the value of DNA, demeaning, displaying an “us” versus “other” — these are all tactics that many (not all) of my adoptive family used against me. Some happened during my childhood. Most happened in adulthood, after I was found by siblings I was never supposed to know. Often, it is the crazy-making behavior of the entire family-system of the adoptive family that deeply and profoundly affects the psychology of the adoptee.

    • It would be interesting to have someone do the study and log the parallels of this type of behavior throughout differing adoptive homes. Unfortunately, they would need to rely on adoptee testimony alone as to get admission of this type of behavior from the perpetrators themselves would be to request they take responsibility for such behaviors. We all know how difficult that would be.

  2. The only thing we can do is to keep writing and publishing our memoirs. We are increasing our numbers in those who are doing so. These personal accounts have an impact. We are being read. As a result, we are re-writing text books. Slowly. But you are right. A study needs to be done.

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