My motherhood awakened and I tried to drown it. It came anyways. I guess we are done. I’m sorry I wanted more, wanting what was taken from me/us.


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  1. somethings are just not worth the agony they bring to our lives, like chasing a love that will never be returned. They don’t know what was really done to us/them, or they cannot bring themselves to face it. It stings with a horrendous bitterness, but there is freedom in letting go of that hope that things could still somehow be different, that undying hope just leads into deeper suffering. Who ever our children would have been, could have been and certainly should have been will never be, that was stolen from them, from us, but it cannot be any other way for us now. They are gone, but you’re not, your other children aren’t–give the love you have for your lost daughter to those who need it and who will accept it, those that really know you and love you and do not wish to see you suffer any longer. She was raised by people who lied to you to get her, who thought nothing of you as a human being, and thought they were entirely above you. Is it any surprise our children would learn to think of us and treat us in the same way? It is entirely tragic, but do you really want someone like that in your life? Someone that has NO EMPATHY for how her own mother was treated or just flat out refuses to see it? You cannot control how she treats you, but you can control what importance you are willing to give it. Just my 2 cents–not worth much, but I know your suffering all too well.

  2. Hurts like hell, but I am beginning to realize it’s the only way out, or at least the first step towards salvaging what remains good in my life, and living for that. My heart is with you, xo.

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