They’re stupid and evil and they live in the sewers where no news of any kind can reach them. For all I know, they think shoes are little houses for mice and Christmas is for boiling. Just ask this anonymous Craigslist Ranter and/or Raver! (Also, they are black and their children would be happier with white people. Just look at the photo!)

You might retain a bit of your sanity and your temper if you imagine the below being read by one of Monty Python’s Gumby characters.

People need to start thinking more about adoption.

Interestingly enough, Our Ranter begins by referring to the inhuman incubator-thingies that owe good people babies as “people.” He means, of course, “women,” who for purposes of this discussion are not people at all. This is why I’ve decided Our Ranter is male: if he isn’t, she should be.

People think about adoption all…

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And so here it is. I had finally gotten to a point of being “ok” with the silence between my daughter and I. When I say “ok” I mean no longer writhing in pain from separation and silence. Then WHAM! Its like being hit with a semi truck full of pain. One picture…that’s all it took. It appears I am going to join the un-grandmother club now too. I was not told. The writing is on the wall, I will not be allowed to love and know my grandbaby now either. Im guessing from the picture this will happen in the next 3-4 months. I’m just so tired of losing. When will it end?

Funny that my mother and sister were complaining recently of us “wanting our cake and eating it too”. I’ve been served up a big slice of my incubator cake and I can tell you its fucking hard to swallow.