Adopted in the UK

Please. Tweet the following, and see if we can get this poor kid back to her mom #Call4ActionAgainstAmerica #AmericaLegalisesKidnapping #RescueAnyeliHernandezRodriguez

It is absolutely disgusting that, with this move, America has legalised kidnapping.

I’ve also sent the following message to Madeleine McCann’s parents, since this impacts them too.

I sincerely hope your kid is found in a Hague country, otherwise you could very well end up facing yourself.

Please, help this mother get her own child back, while also gaining support for the hunt for your own child.

Action needs to be called for against America who have, with this move, legalised the kidnapping of children.

Please, for this child and her mother – and possibly yourselves if your daughter is discovered somewhere the UK doesn’t share an agreement with – use your contacts to point out horrific America’s legalisation of kidnapping is.

Have just tweeted the following:

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