Where Did Mima, Baba or Nana Go?

Since the death of my much beloved Aunt in October, I have been feverishly trying to trace my family history before the remainder of my paternal family is gone. I am almost a first generation Canadian. I say this since my grandparents were born in the Ukraine and some of my aunt’s and uncles were as well. My father being the youngest was born here, in Canada. My grandparents came from a rich village which consisted of 998 families. I have been searching ancestry sites and involved in genealogy forums. The Greek catholic church has not submitted their records to the state archive office and in order to obtain my family information, I need to convince the regional registry to “disturb the past”. It has been months since my request and I have no answers. This has made me realize how a sealed record adoptee would feel. The frustration is enormous.

In doing my research I have met many who are along the same path as me. I have seen many people’s family records and I have seen many Catholic baptismal records. What I found interesting is that there were NO adoptions. There are many baptismal records which state “illegitimate” and no father listed but these mothers kept their baby and raised them. What I found interesting also is that the grandmothers lived with, worked and assisted with the raising of the child whether in or out-of-wedlock. My grandmother, for example, lived with my great-grandmother when my grandfather left to Canada to start a life here. She, and three children, lived together. My great Baba did not tell them to find somewhere else to go as she did not want to raise someone else’s children. Family was truly family.

I come to this blog post after witnessing a soon to be aunt declare that she will not support or raise her niece/nephew unless she has “ownership papers”. The mother of the young mother-to-be refuses to help if she keeps her baby and the father-to-be’s mother is the same. What happened to family? I mean REAL family.

One of my best friends recently married a mother of one from the Philipines. She, along with the rest of the family, lived together and helped each other with children, work and cooking. When she heard my story of adoption loss, she was appalled that family would turn their backs on each other due to greed or self-righteousness. Many people think that we in North America live in a developed nation. Do we? Look at how we treat family. I think i would rather have true happiness with ALL my children living with all my family under one roof (crowding and all) than to be missing one of my descendants. I wonder where the traditional Baba’s, Mima’s and Grammy Grams have gone.

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By Cristina Fuentes-Cantillana

MADRID — An elderly Spanish nun appeared in court on Thursday to face charges of stealing babies, after claims by hundreds of women that their infants were taken from them at birth and given away in illegal adoptions.

Doctors, nurses and religious workers at several clinics and hospitals in Spain are alleged to have sold babies for adoption over decades, after telling new mothers that their infants had died.

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At the hearing at Madrid’s Superior Tribunal of Justice, Maria Gomez Valbuena, a Sisters of Charity nun now in her 80s who once worked in the Santa Cristina hospital in Madrid, became the first person accused in the widening scandal.

Clad in a dark habit, she was questioned by a judge but invoked her right not to testify.

The formal charges against her are of illegal detention and falsifying documents in…

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In this occasional feature, the National Post tells you everything you need to know about a complicated issue. Today, Kathryn Blaze Carlson looks at what’s next in the push for an investigation into forced adoptions targeting unmarried women between the 1940s and 1980s.

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Q: We’ve been hearing about this issue for weeks. Is anybody investigating?

So far, the United Church and the Salvation Army have announced internal investigations. But because there are mothers in most, if not all, provinces and territories who say they were coerced or forced into giving up their babies, as many as 13 governments could theoretically launch investigations and offer redress; none yet have.

As for other potential probe targets: the allegations span five decades and involve not just governments, but also doctors and nurses who allegedly conspired with social workers to secure illegitimate children for adoption, as well…

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The Ontario NDP on Monday urged the Liberal government during Question Period to order an investigation into the province’s past adoption practices, citing recent accusations from women who say they were coerced by social agencies, medical workers and churches into giving up their children because they were not married.

“Unmarried mothers were forced to give up their newborn children,” Monique Taylor, the NDP’s children and youth services critic, said at Queen’s Park this morning. “Will the Minister meet with these mothers and hear their stories, and help them uncover what happened to Ontario women in maternity homes?”

Eric Hoskins, the Minister of Children and Youth Services, said he has been following the recent media investigation into Canada’s historic adoption practices “very, very closely” and said “as a parent myself, these stories are extremely difficult to read.”

When Ms. Taylor pressed him about launching an inquiry, Mr. Hoskins said his ministry…

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Amid growing evidence of coercive adoption practices targeting unmarried mothers between the 1940s and 1980s, politicians across the country are calling for investigations into what many mothers allege was a systemic bid to secure their babies for adoption.

Since the National Post’s March 10 report detailing the accounts of seven women, dozens of mothers have contacted the newspaper saying they were coerced by social workers, medical practitioners and churches into surrendering their children.

Senator Art Eggleton, deputy chair of the Senate social affairs committee, said Canada’s historic adoption practices “should be investigated” and said if the federal government were to launch a public probe, it should be handled by a judicial inquiry or a special committee struck specifically to uncover what happened all those years ago.

“What happened to these women is a tragedy,” the former Liberal cabinet minister said in an email. “The fact it was a different…

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