It seems that people can’t be involved with adoption, or have an adoption in their family, or be adopted, or raise an adoptee, or relinquish a child, or mediate, or run an agency, or write about adoption. Nope.

Instead, we all got…touched by it. No really, check it out: Authors in an anthology? Touched. Counselors for APs and PAPs? Touched. Foster parents posting on a forum? Touched. Adoptees who want DNA tests? Touched. A blogging search angel? Touched. Non-profit FB group? Touched. Oprah’s relinquished sister? Got Oprah touched.


(“About 133,000 results.” Yeesh!)

Not only is this creepy as Hell, it’s a filthy lie. If I had to characterize how adoption has made me feel with such a metaphor, it would be more along the lines of “wedgied by adoption” or “upsydaisied-but-not-caught by adoption” or “started to sit down while it held the chair which it then…

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