Fast-Track to Sainthood-Adoption

I have been pondering my ex-mil and the things she did to get me to surrender my daughter a lot lately. I often wonder how she can live with herself knowing the lies, deception and the scope of irreparable pain she has caused. I marvel at how she can call herself a Christian. Most of this has been brought on by a post in an adoption group I read where the poster stated that she was the grandmother of a child who was surrendered for adoption. She talked about how proud she was of this fact and this really got me thinking about where a person considers this to be moral. It is obvious that she had some part to play in the surrender of her grandchild.

As I have been pondering this, it did come to light that most adopters, agencies, etc all consider adoption to be “saving” the child and that somehow it makes them into a martyr and more of a  “Christian” that they took this child into their home and raised it as their own. There are so many problems with this way of thinking.

The first problem that I find with this, is that no one wants to recognise that adoption is purely and utterly covetous and greedy. Adopters (infant adopters) do not take in the older children who are in need of a safe home. Instead, they want to pretend they gave birth by robbing a mother of her infant, nowadays they also pump chemicals into their body so they can shove their strange boob into this poor baby’s mouth too. YES, I did mean strange boob, this is not the baby’s natural mother whose milk and nipples are designed specifically for this child. Their WANT of a child to be theirs supercedes any moral judgement to get what they want.

The next problem is that even in this day and age, an “unwed” mother is considered a detriment to society and must be a whore/slut, addict, too young and is definitely not considered a “fit” mother. Therefore the deserving “married” couple should rescue this child from such an unsavory life. WHOA, what? MOST expectant mothers targeted for the adoption industry have never been charged with ANY crime, much less drug/child abuse. This leads me to the conclusion that this must be a conviction in the “church” world. In order to save the young mother from hell fire she must atone for her crime of adultery. So truly the adopters must be doing her a favor by inflicting her righteous punishment…right? Sorry people but NO. You are now a conspirator of the crime of kidnapping/child trafficking. Remember that JESUS said to help the widow and the fatherless? He never said help YOURSELF to them.

Anyways, I will regress back to my ex-mil. I think she offered up my daughter for sale to achieve sainthood. I believe she must think that separating me from my first-born daughter was the way that she would look good in the eyes of her church and atone for her son’s wayward ways. She punished the evil slut, who got pregnant, in a righteous manner and has now achieved her place as a saint for saving us all from hell. I think most of them believe this. They don’t realize that they CONDEMNED us all to a life of hell by their actions to obtain that special recognition for themselves that they COVETED (remember that pesky tenth commandment? NOT suggestion, COMMANDMENT) from other churchians, their earthly sainthood. We were the sacrificial lambs they led to the slaughter.


3 thoughts on “Fast-Track to Sainthood-Adoption

  1. The adopters who stole my child with lies and false promises claimed to be such “good Christians”, while they turned around and slammed a supposed open adoption shut when my son was only 7. That wasn’t enough for them, though. No. They had to brainwash my child to believe that their god
    “put him where he was supposed to be”. Exact words from his mouth upon our first meeting.That was the only tool in their arsenal, their religion, to convince someone else’s child that he was meant for them (while they treated me abhorrently, mind you). Without that, they had nothing. Without that, it would have been impossible to live in fantasy land with my son and truly believe that their god allowed them to gain while I suffered. It is sick, convoluted and delusional. Using religion to justify ripping a child from his mother is as low as they go…

    • My daughter abducters also profess Christianity. They slammed that open adoption closed as soon as it was finalized. I know your pain. Funny how everyone one involved seems to think they are doing such a saintly deed when they rip our babies from us.

  2. Yes, they are so ‘saintly’ while we are demonized, degraded and dehumanized… They aren’t saints. They are selfish, self-entitled, cold-hearted liars; anything BUT saintly.

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