The Current Interviews

There are going to be two links to listen to the interveiw on CBC’S The Current with Sharon Pederson relaying her story of how she was targeted as a single mother to obtain her baby for adoption. She was so brave to tell her story which also tells the story of many mother who lost thier babies to adoption.


There was a follow up on The Current to this interveiw. It can also be heard here:


Revealing Truth…more of a personal post

While at work today, I had the opportunity to share adoption truth with a male adoptee. During our numerous discussions, the fact that he was an adoptee had come up. Our conversation continued and I learned that he had not searched for his natural family but had thought about it many times. He stopped in again this evening for the last time regarding my business and I reminded him that if he chose to search that I would help and gave him my adoption support email.
I then shared with him the truth about adoption from a mothers perspective and shared some un-named stories of how mothers lost their child to adoption. I relayed stories of drugging, withholding support (financial and emotional by family members and social programs), the physical restraint, threats and abduction. The truth is horrifying. I could see it on his face. I live it so I relay these instances as fact, he had to digest it.
Just as an adoptee has no clue of his mothers pain and trauma in losing him, most mothers have no clue as to the trauma that her lost child has endured. Those of us who are out of the fog need to make it our mission to educate each other. An adoptee has every right to be angry, but rarely at his mother. Instead he needs to be angry at the adoption machine who tore him from his mother for profit which left both of them with lifelong scars which will never heal.