A revolution

As the world watches the recent civil revolution in Egypt which also spawn the civil revolution in Jordan, I sit here in great wonder at the conviction of people in other nations. Their conviction is so great that their passion for their beliefs out weigh any possible harm that they may incur. I want that type of passion in my convictions. I want to create a civil revolution from mothers who have endured great loss and criminal acts at the hands of authorities under the guise of lawfulness. The young, scared women we were, are not the women we now are. We are voters, lawyers, doctors or even wives of the like. We are by THEIR definition the very people they would have given our children to.

The difficult part is for women to come out of the adoption closet. I believe, from living it, that this is due to the amount of shame and secrecy put onto us from society and family. Once they acknowledge their lost children, then it comes down to coming out of the fog, which sadly a lot of women never do. It is so strange looking back at my own story and knowing that for years I considered adoption a choice.

WE, as a group, have the ability to change laws and to seek justice for ourselves for the crimes against us and our children. WE need to have our voices heard in the highest courts. WE need to stand together and create our own revolution.

How do we get our sisters to break the silence? There are so many that have kept the secret for so long. It gets locked away and we partition ourselves from it. So many remain in the fog of adoption. I kept the silence of what happened for 22 years. It was like I had locked a closet door full of trauma. What made me different that I finally admitted the horrific things they did to obtain my baby? When did the brainwashing wear off of adoption being a choice?

If adoption consists of coercion, financially or emotionally. If it consists of force or threats when coercion does not work, HOW THE HELL IS THIS NOT KIDNAPPING? Why are all parties not brought to justice? I mean REAL justice! Justice meaning that all parties involved are put in prison and serving the term appropriate for kidnapping our children and for the crimes they have committed against us.

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