The New Witch Hunt-Adoption

For a few hundred years all throughout the known world, women were accused of witchcraft. These women were tortured and put to death for various reasons such as being a midwife, a healer by using herbs and also for their sexuality. All throughout time, we have been repressed as a subservient that needed to be ruled. To this day, women who are raped can be stoned or burned to death because they obviously were flaunting their sexuality. Young women endure sexual mutilation known as female circumcision so that they cannot enjoy sex as that would be considered a sin. I draw parallels to these women with the way unwed mothers have been treated and tortured today. The deserving, married and upstanding infertile women deserve our children as punishment for our indiscretions. The children are then redeemed of our sinfulness by being raised in proper homes. This is another form of repression and discrimination against women. It is no different from the women who turned against their neighbor or sister in accusations of being a witch. Knowing these women will be tortured and killed. Young women were scorned of society while the young man responsible for the pregnancy was protected and pitied that the whorish girl had conned him and violated him. Words that echo the following sentiment can be found written throughout social workers handbooks and still bear the attitude of society today:

“‘The father plays absolutely no part in this. That is part of her rehabilitation. When she renounces her child for its own good, the unwed mother has learned a lot. She has learned an important human value. She has learned to pay the price of her misdemeanor, and this alone, if punishment is needed, is punishment enough… ‘ Dr Hillard echoes the beliefs of the social workers and the agencies dealing with unwed mothers, though hers have come to her privately. And she, like the other authorities, though refusing to blame the girl’s home, lays the remedy right on its doorstep… ‘We must go back to a primary set of values and the discipline that starts with the very small child,’ says Dr. Hilliard.” (Dr. Marion Hilliard of Women’s College Hospital, as quoted in the Toronto Telegram, November 22, 1956)

It does make me wonder where are our sisters who fought for equal rights for all women and why are our voices now silent? How do we stand by and watch the crimes against humanity which include separating a mother and child? Is it for personal gain that many will stand by and decide who is better fit to parent when no abuse nor neglect is present?  What happened to us? Where is the village of elder women who guide the young women in parenting?  Why are we divided and no longer stand together uniformly and demand justice for women whose children were wrongfully obtained in order to make a buck?

To me, most DIA (domestic infant adoption) is a result of discrimination against women. It is inhumane to its core. It was developed to punish us wicked women and to “save” the bastard.

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